"I'm Yoshida Haru!
Let's be friends!"

"What's so special about studying? Every problem has an answer. How hard can it be?"
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Aren’t you that weird dragon boy’s girlfriend…?”

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Are those real bunny ears? LEM’ME TOUCH THEM!”

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Wow, you look so cute. Can I pinch your cheeks?”

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Is this… a dream?” He gazed at the space that was once a void. He caught a figure in the midst of darkness. He couldn’t see clearly though…

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windowjumper said: "I wanna be the very best Dragon Slayer, I just need to borrow a sword. Or a scythe."


Is that a Pokemon reference?” Hiccup stared blankly at the boy. Oh gods, if he’s really serious about slaying dragons-


No. I’m not lending you a sword or a scythe. Dragons are precious.”

Oh? How are dragons precious?”

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Oh, hey! That’s an awesome technique! Could you teach me how? I want to punch someone like that too!”


yuuzada said: "Well, well. What a pleasant surprise!"

He cringed. The familiarity laced in the voice. It was covered with sweetness of all the candies in the world, and technically, Haru liked sweets but he knew one person who’d suck on those cavities for three centuries. He didn’t glance, barely looked—but Haru started running, his voice wasted in heavy breaths.

No, no, no

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"… why are you sleeping on the bench?”